Meeting Josse <3

Good afternoon lovelies ~

Today I have only been studying drama for pre-school children and watched anime and this has been pretty much all I do ever sense I stared school again. I have missed hanging with my friends so much. But Josse texted me a little wile ago telling me if I wanted to meet as she had to come to the city, I was very happy and we are gonna meet soon, YAY! I wish my friend could live in the city too, why you all live in other city's?! Dx

My outfit of the day ~

2013-09-03 @ 17:51:55

A little more chubby and you look perfect.

Svar: Are you trying to say I should put on wight?

2013-09-04 @ 00:37:13

On your thighs. You would a close match to my ideal woman.

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