Good morning everyone! ~

Woke up today by how cold it was. My apartment is so cold! I don't know how I will survive this winter! ;___;

Today I have a literature seminar and I haven't finished reading the book, I hope it goes well anyway thought. ^__^

Well wish me luck ~

On my way home

So now I'm on the train back home.
I'm very happy I went to school today! The lecture was very interesting and the person holding the lecture was great! You could really tell she loved what she douse and it was really inspiring! God, I really hope to be a good teacher someday!

Now it's just back home to study! :D

Hope you all are having a good day! ~


On the train to school ~
I really didn't want to go today. I didn't get much sleep last night because my neighbors were talking so loud at like 1am!
But well, school is important so I just had to force myself up. >w<

Hope the lecture today is worth it!

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