Can't Decide

I have been thinking about what I'm gonna do after I take my exam and get my teacher-license...
I just can't decide if I'm gonna move to Stockholm, Göteborg or just stay here in Linköping.
Why Stockholm and Göteborg you may ask and the reason is very simple:
What I been reading the pay for teachers are way higher over in the big city's and they are desperate for teachers as they are so many children and so few teachers now. What I can see there is a lack of teachers all over Sweden now because no one wants to be a teacher sadly. And the biggest reason is that the pay is not so good for a career that takes 4 years at the university.
The pay is what makes me want to move most, but then again is much more expensive to live in this big city's... But to be really honest I feel like I need to just move. I can't explain it more than I have gotten bored with this city and I get memories everywhere from when my family was here. Like shopping with my sisters. Dinner at our favorite restaurant with the hole family, ect... 
But I still don't know, it's not like it's the easiest to move to Stockholm or Göteborg, this places are very hard to find an apartment in if you don't have contacts (which I have thanks to my dad, but it's still very hard).
The easiest would be to just stay here in Linköping, get a pre-school teacher job near by and stay in my apartment and continue living like I do...

To bad that sounds so very boring...
Oh well, I have at least 1,5 years to decide.
2013-09-20 @ 05:59:57

Hot teacher. Mm. Göteborg is the only choice if you move.

Svar: Why do you say that Göteborg is my only choice? :3

2013-09-21 @ 09:33:20

Because there are many gyms in Göteborg to work that horrible stomach fat off.

Svar: Oh lilla människa i Alingsås, har du inget annat för dig än att bry dig om hur min kropp ser ut? Men alla fall är jag väldigt nöjd med min kropp ;)

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