Stockholm Update

Hello everyone hope you all had a nice day ~
Well as you guys know I was in Stockholm yesterday with my family and had lots of fun.
I must learn to take more pictures when I'm out. ; 0 ;
But yeah I had a nice day, even if there where lots of conflicts and stuff, but hey that's just how my family is xD
First we went to fix some stuff for my familys move to Chile and then we went shopping and eating ~
When ew were shopping i went alone to try to find an Asian shop I went to many years ago but i got lost and didn't find it :C
After all the shopping and family time, my parents left me and my little sisters at Stockholms amusement park "Gröna Lund" and had an awesome time!
I finally got to ride ECLIPSE it was so wonderful!!! I just can't explane it, The view was amazing and then feeling the wind on your face... man,,, just wonderful and amazing!!!!
And for the last here is a picture of all the stuff i bough!
Haha I know, not much for me xD
But I couldn't buy much as Närcon is next week >w<

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