I am spending my weekend with just doing a lot of Charms and Earrings to sell at Närcon. It's so little time left and I haven't made so much stuff!Time fly by so fast!! @__@ ~
But I must say it's so much fun making these stuff, I love to be creative (and I am also watching Sailor Moon wile working, happy ^3^) ~~
BMO earrings ;3

Oh and yesterday I want to the city and started shopping a bit, there's a lot of summer sales right now! >w<
I first went to KICK and bought myself some fake eyelashes, I have wanted to buy some for a long time and now I finally did! Yay!

Then I went to my favorite store in the city ACCESSORIZE, they have a big sale right now, up to 70%!! @w@
And of course I just couldn't resist and bought a lot of stuff xD
I love everything I bought so much!! (it's scary how shopping can make me so happy ^^;)

I also went to the toy store and saw that they had the new Monster High doll Skelita on sale!! I want her so much but I had already spend a lot of money so I had to stop myself from buying her... ;___;

I want her so bad!!! TT0TT

Well that's all for now, sorry for not updating so much but I have the suckiest Internet ever! D:

Yesterdays outfit of the day ~
And I also would like to mention that I had a lovely time at my friends apartment yesterday celebrating her 23th Birthday, lots of fun. To bad i didn't take any pictures :/


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