Baby Sitter

Today I have been baby sitting the cutest dog in the world Osito (= Little Bear). He was my families dog at first but a few years ago my sister got allergic to dogs so we couldn't have him, but we were lucky that my uncles family adopted him, so we still get to meet him ~ <3
He is so cute! But pretty lazy for a dog ^^'


Well nothing much happened today except for that, I just been doing Charms all day still xD
But tomorrow I will meet my friends Josse and My and hang out in the city, later me and Josse are gonna go to the cinema and watch World War Z! @0@

And on Wednesday me and my family are going to Stockholm! Yay, the big C!
So if you are in Stockholm and would like to meet just send me a message! :D

Ootd ~ I really love this <3



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