I had a great day yesterday with my friends! We had a little pre-Chistmas celebrating. We eat gingerbread and watched Christmas movies, so cosy!
Then we also gave our Christmas gifts to each other. I wanted to wait till today as we are going to make a Christmas dinner together but they just couldn't wait, haha ^__^

I got this super cute octopus teabag from Jolie and a book to read on the plan to Chile ~

From Marie I got a cute pink toaster, it matches my kitchen perfecly ~

I got Marie a Haruka t-shirt and Jolie a Makoti t-shirt from the Anime Free! (And some other small stuff)

Marie got Jolie the cutest little elegant teapot ever!

Jolie got Marie a very pretty neckless and the first book of The Hunger Games

I loved all my gifts and I hope my friend love theirs too ~
Happy pre-Chistmas everyone!

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