Happy 1st Advent

Hello cuties, I hope you all had a great 1st advent this 1st day of December, now it's not long until Christmas!! I had the cuties Jolie and Marie here yesterday and I had a real lovly time with them!
We baked so much! Most of the stuff is Jolies, I told her to bring because I never ever bake so I don't have baking stuff.
We made the best gingerbreads ever! :D

What do you think about my dead gingerbread bear? >:3

We made "Lussebullar" too and Jolie made a gingerbread cake, it was so yummy!

Oh I love my girls so much! <3
I made a "Lussebulle" bear!

This photo is from this morning, the first advents candle is lit!

I miss them, I always feel so happy when I'm with them, wish they lived closer! ;__;
But hopefully me and Jolie will move to Stockholm in the future (and I will bring you too Marie!).
~~Now last my outfit of the day~~
Happy first advent everyone!!!!

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