First week at school

Hello cuties! ^0^

So, I haven't updated my blog in like a week, sorry about that, but after university started the 19th I just go to there then I go home and sleep, hehe.
But well, a lot has actually happened but I'm just to lazy to write stuff and I also think no one rally cares as I have like 2 people that check my blog every day (who are you people anyway? Let's be friends!).
Ok but to begin a little, my birthday was the 16th of august and I had a party at my apartment. We were like 10 people and it was so much fun and CRAZY! OMG I'm just so happy non of my neighbors came to yell at us. xD

My theme at my part was Kawaii/Cute
here are my and my friends outfits for that night

We are so CUTE!! >3<

Then on the 19th it was back to the University!
I'm now at my 3rd year, then it's only a year left!!! (OMG PANIK!!)

This was my back to School Outfit, I went for a sailor moon school girl look.

I have also (last week) been to the International that have been in the city.
I sadly didn't buy anything as there was so much people and I feel unconformable then :C
But there were so much good smelling food everywhere, I wish I would have bought something!!

(Here in sweden we don't have that, and I love Flan so much!)

God I wish I wasn't so shy and uncomfortable around lots of people... ;__;
That was the food festival thingy.
The 23th I survived my first week back to university and also on that Friday we had our first examination, no soft start for us. But at least it was fun and over quick! We had a day to do a little "drama play" and have the elements art & movement(?) and show how we can use this in pre-school later to teach the children.
This was my outfit for that day

So this has been an update of my first week back to school.

I'm thinking of trying to do Vlogs again but I want to know if you guys would want that and what I should then talk about.
That's all for now! Bye ~~

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