To little sleep

Hello everyone.
You have no idea how tired I am, I only got 2h of sleep last night, and on too of that annoying dreams...
Had a long day in school too, almost feel asleep in the last seminar!

So right now I'm sitting at McDonals waiting for Jolie, we're gonna watch the new Thor movie, but I'm afraid I'm gonna fall asleep x,D

Wish me luck!

Outfit of the day
I past a little girl and her mom and the girl looked at me and pointed and said to her mom "Look at the pretty lady!"
I blushed and got happy but at the same time I felt old, no ones called me lady before!

And sorry for not posting about ConFusion but my Internet home is to slow to upload that many photos :(
But yeah I had a great time there and I can't wait for my next convention Närcon:Vinter. I'm sadly gonna miss My:Närcon because I'm gonna be in Chile then ^^

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