Stress, stress, Essay, stress, stress, ConFusion

Wow, it's been a stressful week and a very stressful morning!
Tomorrow it's the Anime Convention ConFusion in Göteborg here in Sweden and tomorrow is also the deadline for our essay at school. So sense Monday I've been just trying to finish the stupid essay and I really thought I wouldn't make it because I had to finish it today but I don't know how but I made it! It's done and I send it to the teacher so now I can just relax and enjoy the convention!

Right now I'm at the station waiting for Jolie and 19.30 we will sit on the bus to Göteborg were we will be staying at my wonderful friend Tikalie! ~ <3

Oh it will be so much fun!!! If you are going and see me don't be afraid to say hi! >w<

2013-10-26 @ 18:11:15

Fin blogg å hoppas på att du får en fin kväll!
Om du har lust får du gärna kolla in hos mig.

Kom ihåg mig?

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