Sweet Monday

Hello again sweet hearts!

Today is Monday and as much as I hate Mondays I must say that today have been really nice! It can be because of the fact that I had self-study today, so no clas for me, YAY! (and I don't have any classes until Friday!)

I woke up early and had breakfast and started studying right away! After a wile I got dressed to go to the city to do some errands and my dad called me before I went out and asked if I wanted to have lunch with him and I ofcourse said yes. We did my errands first then it was lunch time! ^__^

I had pasta (I love pasta) and it was really good!
My dad didn't eat anything thought xD
Me and my dad talked a lot today and it made me happy, I really love him and I admire him so much. I wish the very best for him (and my mom & sisters too) as he deserves the very best for being the most caring father ever.
He then had to leave as he had some stuff to do so I started studying a bit again. ^^
After I was done I want for a walk in the city and that is dangerous for me because when I see something I like I have to have it! >w<
As a result I got this super cute purse at GLITTER! I have wanted a purse like this for a long time.

And I also got this oil for my hair as I have very damage hair... It was pricey but hopefully worth it!

That was all for today!
Gonna end this post with my outfit of the day ~ (^__~)/

(I have btw lost some kilos and starting to feel good about my body latly)

~~ Bye for now ~~

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